General Questions is a leader in cryptocurrency trade. Company's income is generated due to successful transactions on cryptocurrency market. has been trading in cryptocurrency for over 7 years.

Yes, of course. is an officially incorporated company that works under provisions of law under registration number 4275985. You can see the documents if you follow the link.

We work with Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Yes. Cooperation with the Company and investments with it become possible only after registration procedure.

It is a very simple procedure and it takes only several minutes. You need to fill in the registration form. Please, enter user's login, password and email.

Account Questions

Any person of age can participate in the project.

Due to the team of professionals and our experience the risk for investors is minimal. Every investor of the Company receives a daily income in accordance with the terms of the chosen investment plan.

The Company offers four investment plans to choose:

- VIP PLAN 30%

Profit will be accrued to your personal account in accordance with the chosen investment plan.

Enter your personal account using login and password you provided to the Company during the registration procedure. Choose the investment plan you like and click on "Enter deposit" button.

Of course, there is none. We don't charge any commissions except for the ones foreseen by the payment systems.

The deposit is activated immediately. In case you make a deposit in Bitcoin, you will need a confirmation of three blockchains to activate it.

You may open an unlimited number of deposits.

You are only allowed to register one account, investors are not allowed to register multiple accounts.

Security Questions

Information on your personal account is available 24/7.

To restore your password follow the link "Restore password".

We take care of your personal data security, so there are several security algorithms and data encryption algorithms implemented at our website.

Please, turn to our Support Desk and you are sure to get help! maintains the amount of lines. When replacing a selection of text within a single line, the amount of words is roughly being maintained.

Referral Questions

Yes, there are two kinds of partnership in our Company: a referral and a representative one.

It’s in the "Partner program" section. offers a 10-level referral program. You can learn information on each of the levels of the referral program in detail by following this link.

You need to fill in the form and send an application. After registration you will receive a confirmation of your representative status.

The representative referral program offers a higher interest. You may also become an official representative of our Company in your region.