General Rules
  1. cooperates with the clients of age.
  2. Registration procedure is necessary for every client of, who wishes to become an investor.
  3. As soon as you accept terms and conditions offered by the Company, you automatically become the Company's client.
  4. Violations of any of the rules will result in our adequate response: - at a single violation you will get a written notification to the specified email; - at further violations the Company reserves the right to terminate cooperation with the investor unilaterally.
  5. shall not be liable for the data loss.

Investment Rules
  1. Each deposit shall be considered a private transaction between and its client.
  2. All financial transaction at website are carried out by the client at his/her own free will. The client shall individually determine the investment amount.
  3. An interest rate shall depend on the amount of invested funds as well as the term of return of investments together with income.
  4. The client may use our Calculator application for exact calculation of his/her income.
  5. One investor may register only one account at the website of

Partner Program
  1. Any investor of has the right to take part in referral and representative partnership programs.
  2. It is forbidden to use methods of abusive advertisement and spam to get additional benefit as well as viral distribution of client's referral link is forbidden.

Privacy Policy
  1. Any information provided by the investor of is mandatory and confidential.
  2. Our Company guarantees safety of information on financial operations between the client and the Company as well as between the Company and investors.

Service and Client Support
  1. Every client of the Company has the right for additional information provided by the Company's Support Desk.
  2. The client may turn to Support Desk through our support form or using other methods the client is comfortable with..

Final Provisions
  1. These Rules shall enter into force from the moment of client's registration at the website.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to invest funds obtained illegally.